Check out the Features at the 2023 show - 2024 details will be added later in the year!


Six talented landscapers from all over Minnesota showed off their expertise with inspiring garden displays with "Ultimate Backyard" theme to get visitors inspired to create their own backyard oasis. Read more here.

Presented by:

Farmhouse Green Kitchen


Attendees toured the Modern Scandinavian themed 1,200 sq. ft. Idea Home designed & furnished by HOM Furniture including kitchen by Rusco Kitchen Remodelers & exterior and siding by Diamond Kote. Learn more here.


"Up North"; it's the place people go to escape. A place full of cabins, pine trees, and lakes where people can get away for much needed rest and relaxation, and both adults and kids can play in the great outdoors. With new partners like Foster Bros. Marine and Tousley Motorsports, this feature new in 2023 allowed attendees to shop indoor and outdoor inspiration tailored to Up North living. Learn more here.

Deck and Swing


Backyard Lounge presented by TimberTech

Guests visited the Backyard Lounge presented by TimberTech to experience the latest innovations in decking and learn more about local presentations throughout the weekend.

Located in Hall E.


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Pottery Barn Décor Display

Ask a Designer Sponsored by Pottery Barn

At this feature area, our visitors could bring their design questions and style doubts to be answered by the experts. Attendees were able to bring photos, paint swatches and samples and get the creative advantage with complementary one-to-one, 15-minute consultations with the industry’s top design professionals from Pottery Barn.


Art Walk

Strolling down our Art Walk helped visitors find the solutions to even the toughest blank spaces. We know the perfect final touch when designing a room is a stunning piece that wil tie your vision together - featuring unique pieces by amazing local artisans Sander Kolodziej, Barrett Lee, Thaddeus L'Heureux & Falen of KDWB's Dave Ryan in the Morning Show!

Barrett Lee

Thaddeus L'Heureux

Falen Bonsett

Falen KDWB Headshot

Sander Kolodziej

Shed Inside View

Tour the Shed Village

Attendees checked out the uniquely designed sheds brought to life at the 2023 show by local experts Pro-Shed and Barntiques!


Child Planting Workshop

Fun Activity for Kids!

Kids were able to learn about the stages of butterfly development, the importance of pollinators, and then plant seeds in a small pot of a butterfly-friendly plant that they could then take home and nurture.

Homes for the Pooch

Attendees bid on a variety of dog houses designed and built by students of local schools. Proceeds benefit Ruff Start Rescue.


Gardening Supplies

Annual Plant Sale 

This annual shopping spree started at 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 5, just one hour before closing time. Participants were able to chat with landscapers, gardeners and exhibitors with outdoor product to take home plants, trees, flowers and more!

Show Deals & Sweepstakes

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