Green Thumb Theater - 2023 Stage Schedule

Wednesday, March 1st

1:00pmMinnesota Stage Horticultural SocietyTBD
3:00pmCourtney TchidaOutdoor Winter Seed Sowing
4:00pmBob DahmGoodbye Lawn, Hello Garden!


Thursday, March 2nd

1:00pmMinnesota State Horticultural SocietyTBD
2:00pmCourtney TchidaGardening 101
4:00pmElizabeth BeckNature Heals


Friday, March 3rd

1:00pmRuss HenryBe a Backyard Hero
3:00pmBob DahmEco Regenerative Lawn
5:00pmSonya BurkAll Things Bulbs


Saturday, March 4th

12:00pmMichelle Bruhn & Stephanie ThurowCompanion Planting w/booksigning at MSHS booth
2:00pmGail Hudson9 Steps to Biodiversity
4:00pmMarty BerglundPreserving Your Family's Garden History


Sunday, March 5th

11:00amJames WolfinSustainable Lawns
2:00pmPeter MartignaccoMushrooms & Their Friends
3:00pmRandy StobelGrowing Mushrooms at Home

Stage schedule subject to change. For updated schedule visit 

Green Thumb Theater sponsored by:
the minnesota state horticultural society

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