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Presented by Star Tribune, eight of the most talented landscapers from all over Minnesota will showcase their expertise with “Gardens Around the World” as their inspiration.


Bever Landscape Design Group
Country: England
Bever Landscape’s garden will incorporate all the fundamental design aspects of an English garden, including water and very formal plantings as well as aesthetic values such as simplicity and rich. We will give this garden a very inviting feel as well as a very "grand" feel. 
-Jim Bever, Jr.

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biota Landscape Design + Build
Country: Netherlands
Experience spring in the Netherlands where the cultivation of tulips began in the 16th century. Park your bicycle and walk along the canals of the Netherlands as you explore the tulip fields, forests, cafes, and the work of the famous Dutch artist Mondrian. Meet with our team and discover ways to incorporate the Netherland's ingenuity and beauty into your own garden.
-Jim Saybolt and Steve Modrow

Biota Rendering

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Holm and Olson Landscape Design & Construction
Country: Greece
Stop and visit the 'Cradle of Western Civilization'! Enjoy Souvlaki grilled on your outdoor kitchen while sipping wine in the shade of a modern 'Peristyle'. Relax to the soothing sounds of the waterfall and the mesmerizing flames in your outdoor living room. Then climb the stairs to relax to the gentle sway on your secluded hanging bed.  All this while enjoying the color and aromas of fresh flowers and plants.
-Dale Eickelberg

landstyledesign logo

Landstyle Design & Construction
Country: Ireland
Landstyle Design & Construction represents the lush and diverseness of Ireland.  They enjoy working with homeowners on creating a unique landscape design for any outdoor living space that will make your dreams come to reality.  From design to our outstanding installation teams that provide customer service and care so your project is beyond your expectations.  For 50 years, Landstyle Design has offered expertise in outdoor living areas, landscaping, patios, paver driveways, water features, retaining walls, boulder walls, decks, pergolas, planting areas, and many other services.   We have the “luck of the Irish” in working with customers.
-Margaret Munson and Bruce Wohlrabe

mickman logo

Mickman Brothers
Country: Scotland
Whether you take the high road or the low road, you will experience a Scotch inspired garden presented by Mickman Brothers. From a highland golf tee overlooking a water fall and rustic tavern, to the lowlands with a cobblestone road and meadow of heather; you will feel transported to the Scotch countryside. We invite all Laddies and Lassies to joins us in a highlander jig, and putt.
-Anne Marie Moseman and Paul Mayhew

Mikman Brothers rendering

NRD Logo_2015 (2)

NRD Landscape Design + Build
Country: Italy
Step into our Italian backyard where there’s always food in the kitchen and wine on the table, and you’re always welcome! This Italian themed garden will appeal to all your senses, with a cooking area for churning out the classics, a large gathering area for friends and family, a rustic fireplace where the fun carries into the evening; the warmth of natural stone and breathtaking flowers are sure to make Italy come alive!
-Eric Robertson


Oflora Gardens
Country: Canada
My garden display will give tribute to one of the worlds “GREAT” Gardens, The Butchart Gardens of Victoria, British Columbia.  The visitor will enter my gardens through a classic Japanese Garden featuring three 18 foot, 40 year old, Cloud Pruned Thread branch Cypress.  Complementing styled pines and rock pruned conifers will form the authentic Japanese mystic along with the hardy bamboo.  You will come to the plateau overlooking the famous “Sunken Garden.”  The formal flower gardens show off exceptional annual color.  The 10 foot Petunia tree carries 10 large glowing petunia baskets to form the centerpiece of this garden.  Enjoy the hundreds of annual flowers that form the weaving patterns as you stroll the garden pathways.
-Bill Swanson

Stonewall, Inc

Stonewall Inc.
Country: USA
Stonewall Inc. chose USA as our theme as we are very proud to be born and raised in the United States of America.  We also chose USA because of the type of work we do, which is more fitting than other countries.  We will turn a flat space on concrete floor into rolling hill and natural boulder outcroppings as if nature placed theme there, along with mulch and plantings to soften the bold statement of large 4,000 – 6,000 pound boulders (Yes, real boulders!).  Our landscape at the show will be simple so that everyone that walks through can envision it in their backyard.  We will be using boulders from Virginia, Minnesota and our neighboring state, Wisconsin.  Stonewall Inc., making American great by retaining our earth one boulder at a time.
-Justin Ferrin