The Nerdy Birdy

The Nerdy Birdy
P.O. Box 332
Cottage Grove MN
Booth: 1807

Company Description:

The Nerdy Birdy Studio is more than a laser engraving shop—it's where your personal touch comes to life on a variety of items. Our pet line is a fan favorite, offering everything from stylish leash and welcome signs to personalized pet portraits and stainless steel dog bowls. But there's more! Explore our home products for unique laser art and functional yet decorative cutting boards. Our mission is to blend creativity with precision, crafting pieces that reflect your personality. From kitchen essentials like engraved coasters and trivets to custom address signs that make a statement, each piece is designed with care. Whether you're a pet lover, home decor enthusiast, or searching for the perfect personalized gift, The Nerdy Birdy Studio has something special just for you.

New Products

This year we have added the ability to custom engrave items on site. Many of our small items like coasters, key chains, hats & beanies, and portraits engraved on metal can be custom engraved right at the show.

Product Images: