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Potty Pillow
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Potty Pillow is the world's first luxury lumbar support toilet pillow that helps relieve pain and discomfort on the toilet by luxuriously bridging the gap between your back and the toilet lid, providing cushioning and lumbar support for a more comfortable toilet experience of your life.

Traditional toilets are painfully uncomfortable, and for people experiencing pain and discomfort from back injuries and surgery, gastrointestinal issues (IBS, Sciatica, etc.), pregnancy, postpartum, and aging. This means an even more painful and longer time on the toilet.

Potty Pillow is antimicrobial, water-resistant, and washable.

Why you’ll love it
• It provides instant comfort & improves posture
• Prevents slouching, which can lead to back, neck & shoulder pain
• Relief from pain & discomfort
• Lumbar Support - maintains the natural curve of your spine
• Relaxes the pelvic floor for people with trouble “going" #2

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Potty Pillow helps relieve pain & discomfort on the toilet for a more comfortable experience.

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