Oflora Gardens

Oflora Gardens
Open by appointment only
New Germany MN

Company Description:

We are a custom landscape company focused on your complete needs. Our expertise utilizes unique plants grown on our 60 acre farm in Mn. We offer you the ability to visit our 8 acre landscaped garden and nursery as we create your ultimate design. Authentic specialty garden themes are available in our creative process. Japanese gardens, Chinese gardens, Italian, woodland, Alpine, and English gardens are a few of the themes created. "Landscape Excellence", is what we create.

New Products

I supply unique plants new every year that are not available from other companies in Mn. Watch our Facebook page and our website for many examples.

Certifications & Awards

BS degree in Horticulture and Landscape design from the University of MN, Worked on the plant breeding projects at the MN Arboretum.

Product Images:

Unique patio installation utilizing 6 foot long bluestone panels. Wonderful application in a large entry situation.
Renovated a small front yard to merge the front porch into the landscape. An English garden feel with unique sight lines and movement.
Created a private lakeside yard with many hideaway spots for meditation and reflection. This chicken coop area is enjoyed for function and beauty as you enter with a whimsical theme.
A serene waterfall space was created with a 40 foot pond in this yard to take your daily cares away.  It also renovated the yard from the nasty swamp that was the initial problem area, problem was solved!
This is the ultimate....we built a 400 ft lake 20 ft deep in a flat cornfield with magnificent gardens throughout the perimeter. Great fishing after we stocked the lake with Bass, Crappies, Sunfish, and Walleyes! Your private retreat!


Five Year Exhibitor