Mid-Sota Mosquito and Tick

Mid-Sota Mosquito and Tick
9874 Haug Avenue NE
Monticello MN
Booth: 3746

Company Description:

Midsota Mosquito and Tick is a local family owned company that specializes in Mosquito and Tick control. We provide service to a large portion of Mid-Minnesota including Princeton, St.Cloud, Dassel and the greater Twin Cities area.

Our treatments reduce the population of Mosquitoes and Ticks by 95% or more, even on very small properties with no harborage areas where other companies say controller isn’t possible! We are able to achieve these results with our tested and proven blends of Organic and Synthetic products.

Our 5 step approach sets us apart as the leader in the industry. Our products kill Mosquitoes and Ticks Faster. With extreme knockdown power, you will notice a difference as soon as your treatment is completed. Our products deter and repel to keep any surviving pests at bay. Our products also mask the co2 that you breath out that attracts mosquitoes from far away. Our blends offer more resistance to rain and UV light! Keeping our products stronger longer. Lastly, we have more visits. We visit your property every 12-16 days throughout the season. With less time between visits our products stay strong and control only gets better.

All of our technicians are put through rigorous testing and training. With the knowledge and skills they acquire through our training program, they can easily analyze your property and make necessary adjustments that will maximize effectiveness/control and keep all of our aquatic and pollinator friends safe!

The best part it that it is safe for kids and pets! Pets actually benefit highly from our treatments as well. Our products also kill fleas and other pesky insects that like to bother our furry family members.

If all of this doesn’t sound good enough, there is more! We have a full customer satisfaction guarantee. If you feel for any reason a treatment wasn’t effective we will come back and retreat your property at no cost! All of our prices include both Mosquito and Tick Treatments for the same price or less than the other guys charge for just Mosquitos! So come check us out. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Show Specials:

One full season of mosquito and tick treatments, for up to 1 acre. Includes 8 treatments $399 - $699 value. Come by our booth for some free promotional items! Sign up at the show and receive 10% off a full season of service.


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