Gopher State One Call

Gopher State One Call
1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Suite. 100
Mendota Heights MN
Booth: 1348

Company Description:

What do all those colorful flags and paint-marks in my yard, boulevard or street mean? The short answer: they are placed there by underground facility (public utility) line locators. They
show the approximate location of buried lines that provide gas,
electricity, water, communications and more! The marks are placed there because a proposed excavation project has been requested through Gopher State One Call.

GSOC is your one call notification center for proposed excavation for all of Minnesota. This free service is provided for anyone digging in the state. Whether it's a new home, building addition
or remodeling project, landscaping, a new garden, fence installation, swimming pool, an invisible fence for your pet, or any project that requires excavation, contact GSOC before you dig, First Time & Every Time!

Contacting GSOC one time; 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays) before excavation automatically notifies all underground public utility owners in your area. They, in turn, send out the paint and flag personnel who mark your lines. As a
result: You Dig Safely!

Stop by our booth at the Home & Garden show for free excavation safety hand-outs and a short lesson about digging safety!

You may contact GSOC 24/7 by using our Homeowners & online E-ticket method! To file an underground line locate request with GSOC using the iternet:

- Gopher State One Call

Gopher State One Call internet ticketing system (ITIC) allows the user to map their entire work site using a visually driven, fully interactive interface.

To file an underground line locate request with GSOC using your phone: 800-252-1166

Don't have internet service? Can't remember the GSOC contact phone numbers? No problem! You can dial 811, the national One Call number.

It's Free. It's the Law. Contact Gopher State One Call Before You Dig!


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