Garden Cruisers

Garden Cruisers
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Company Description:

Greenhouse designers and builders, home of the Original Mobile Greenhouse!

Sick of your garden dying mid October thanks to an early frost or snowfall?

Have unique and specialized plants that require a specific climate and atmosphere?

Specializing in customizing indoor, garage, and outdoor turn-key greenhouses. Some are mobile, others stationary. It's all up to you!

We masterfully install a range of options for power, lighting, ventilation, and climate control systems so you can spend your valuable time enjoying your new, longer lasting, garden!

Our greenhouses are ideal for growing vast varieties of fruits, herbs, and vegetables. If you're anything like us, you can taste the difference in home-grown greens. We fulfill our entire family of four's salad intake with lettuce, with some to spare, using our proven growing method! That's major monthly savings with how prices have been lately.

Another thing, the quality is better! Your greens go right in your bowl! Not from some processing plant 3 towns over and trucked for miles to sit on a shelf for a week. Our greenhouses are the most elegant and efficient solution to consistent and delicious year-round home-grown produce.

Stop by our show booth #1512 and learn more about how we garden and what our greenhouses can do! Special pricing on all show models. Sign up for our infrequent mailing list and we'll send you a 10% off coupon for your new custom greenhouse!

New Products

We've designed and built an entirely new interior line of turn-key greenhouses. These units come equipped and ready to go with lights, a timer, and ventilation. Additional upgrades are available.

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