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Fultz Air LLC
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Fultz Air is a family owned and operated business servicing the entire Metro and surrounding suburbs. We specialize in Aeroseal duct sealing and duct cleaning services for existing homes, remodels and new construction. Aeroseal is a patented product that seals ductwork from the inside allowing for repairs to be done on ductwork normally hidden behind walls and floors.

This hidden problem affects virtually every home – old and new – in America every day. We try so hard and spend so much money to make our homes comfortable, healthy and safe for our families, but the truth is that we’re not getting what we paid for and we’re not having the impact we think. While the climate in every home is controlled by our furnace or air conditioner, it is actually delivered by a vent system of metal air ducts that are behind our walls, under our floors and in our basement and attics. These hidden air ducts often have cracks and holes that leak energy, rob us of our comfort and contaminate the air we breathe. It’s not exciting and much of it can’t be seen, but it is essential. Simply put – if the foundation of your home has cracks, you have to fix them. The same is true for the critical foundation of your air vent system. If it has cracks and leaks, nothing works right. From your high-efficiency HVAC to your smart thermostat, none of them can do their job if your air vent system has invisible cracks, leaks and holes.

That's where Fultz Air comes in. We are certified Aeroseal specialists trained to find leakage in your duct system and seal it for good!

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Multiple drawings for free duct cleaning. $400 off Aeroseal services using code #HG-SHOW.

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