Ewe and Me Wool Company

Ewe and Me Wool Company
S5001 William Court
Eau Claire WI
Booth: 1814

Company Description:

Ewe and Me Wool Company is owned by two shepherds who wanted to give all wool a second chance and grow great plants.

This past fall, Jannell and Beth purchased a wool shredder and mill to make Woolly Belly Pellets. These pellets are the result of love of sheep, wool and growing plants. For thousands of years, shepherds have known that throwing waste wool in the garden leads to beautiful plants. Unfortunately, full fleeces take a year or two to break down and shovels, tills, and rakes get tangled in the fibers. Woolly Belly Pellets eliminate those frustrations. These small 100% wool pellets break down over 6-9 months slowly releasing nitrogen and other nutrients. They are great at absorbing water allowing less overall watering. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, and they give all wool a second chance which helps shepherds raise sheep! We hope you will try Woolly Belly Pellets!

Jannell has raised a mixed breed of wool sheep for over 11 years. She and her husband also raise Angus cows and calves as well as grow cash crops and make hay. Beth pasture raises Cotswolds, a heritage long wool sheep. She loves gardening and grows natural dye plants to use with her wool.

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Special pricing on our 1 and 2 # packages of Woolly Belly Pellets just for this show!

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Woolly Belly Pellets in 1 and 2 lb packages.

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