Close Bunk

Close Bunk
5312 Mud Creek Road
Tower MN
Booth: 1315; 1317


Company Description:

For the best night sleep you've ever had with your best friend! Close Bunk's Doggy Bunk Bed allows you to sleep with your dog AND enjoy great sleep! Dogs jump in and LOVE it! No more miserable nights fighting for space in sweltering heat. Quality Made in the Twin Cities, MN, built to last. Over the foot of the bed and adjusts for width and height. Holds dogs up to 190 lbs. Now in Extra-Large!

Show Specials:

FREE Generous Fitted Mattress Cover ($44.00 value) with purchase of the Doggy Bunk. Plus FREE SHIPPING in Minnesota!

New Products

Doggy Bunk Bed, size Extra Large, Generous Anti-Pill Mattress Covers in beautiful solid colors and new prints

Certifications & Awards

First Place RINK Pitch, Launch MN Innovate 218, MN Cup Semi-Finalist, 2022, Value Proposition Badge from Carlson School of Management

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