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Company Description:

BEMER is the only FDA Class II Cleared Medical Device that, during an 8 minute session, safely increases bloodflow, resulting in an improvement of microcirculation, better disbursement of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, while eliminating waste, increased ATP production and lymphatic flow. Which helps in the stimulation of muscles, local blood flow, energy, vitality, strength/condition, performance, endurance, stress reduction, relaxation and sleep management. You need this for you & your family’s life.

“BEMER has dramatically changed my life. I no longer have the neck and shoulder discomfort from the car accident. And the brain fog and headaches were debilitating from the head trauma. After the first 8 minute session that was gone. What a relief to see and think clearly again. And now after 6 years of use my energy and physical stamina is unbelievable. I purchased BEMERS for everyone in my family. Thank you for giving me my life back.” KZ

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FDA Class II clearance, NASA,