AMC Foam Technologies Inc

AMC Foam Technologies Inc
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Company Description:

AMC was founded in 1995 by the late Tom Smerchanski. Tom through innovation and the use of technology developed EPS products which have changed the way we think about insulation. AMC is proud to offer its customers much more than just R Value in its insulation products.

AMC is committed to continue to develop new innovative insulation products to make the building construction more energy efficient and at the same time make the building process faster and easier than the traditional construction process.

AMC sees an exciting future for construction. North American building codes are changing towards increased energy efficiency with a goal of Net Zero and carbon neutral buildings by the year 2030. With our advanced insulation and ICF wall systems, AMC is joining in the push towards Net Zero homes and buildings.

AMC prides itself in being more than just a manufacturer of insulation products. Our professional team is here to assist you with decades of experience in the industry. We provide advice and guidance from the design stage to the installation of our products.

Contact us today and let our team help you with your insulation needs!

New Products

Heat-Sheet®, the advanced radiant floor panel system. Compact 4’ x 2’ heat-sheet radiant floor panels are convenient to stock, easy to install, and provide continuous insulation.

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