Endless Summer® Hydrangeas is the world’s best-selling collection of garden hydrangeas. Introduced in 2004, Endless Summer® were the first reblooming bigleaf hydrangeas that were bred to bloom all season long, year after year. The Endless Summer® collection is made up of six reblooming, cold hardy, and disease-resistant hydrangeas that are sure to bring beauty to your space whether planted in the garden or in decorative containers.

Meet Pop Star® Hydrangea
Giving you more blooms in less room, Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea is a compact hydrangea that blooms like nothing you’ve seen before, blooming profusely from top to bottom, all season long. Bringing dazzling color to the landscape, Pop Star® features show-stopping electric blue or bright pink blooms, depending on the soil pH. Growing to a height and width of only 18 to 36 inches tall and wide, the massive flower power of Pop Star® is that much more impactful. The lacecap blooms bring unique texture to the garden and are irresistible to bees, butterflies, and other garden pollinators. Hardy from Zones 4-9, Pop Star® adds brilliant color to any space it’s used, whether that’s a decorative container on a patio or porch, along a garden border, or as a focal point in the landscape.


Pop Star® Hydrangea


Pop Star® Hydrangea will be available in garden centers near you this spring and can be pre-ordered online starting this spring! Head to endlesssummerhydrangeas.com to learn more and order Pop Star®!

Hydrangea Care Tips
Make the most out of your Pop Star® and other Endless Summer® hydrangeas by following these care tips!

    ● Watering
    ○  Give your plant a good soak only when the soil is dry, making sure to water at the base of the plant not over the top of the leaves and blooms. Avoid overwatering by always checking the soil before.
    ● Fertilizing
    ○  You can apply fertilizer at certain times of the year to help get those hydrangea blooms going. Use a slow-release fertilizer that’s high in phosphorus and apply once in early spring when you start to see green leafy growth and again in July. Watch this video to learn more about fertilizer and soil amendments for hydrangeas.
    ● Deadheading
    ○  Remove old blooms that are starting to fade by cutting the bloom off just below the flower and above the next set of alternating leaves. For more deadheading tips, watch this video.
    ● Pruning
    ○ You do not need to prune Endless Summer® hydrangeas to keep their shape. As each hydrangea in the collection blooms on both old and new growth, avoid pruning to ensure you enjoy the most out of your hydrangea. Learn more about pruning, and especially why you don’t want to in fall, by watching this video.
    ● Winter Protection
    ○ While Endless Summer® hydrangeas are cold hardy, you can give them some extra love to stay cozy throughout the winter months. For all the tips, watch this video that outlines your hydrangea winter checklist..
    ○ Wondering about those hydrangeas you have planted in decorative containers? You can actually overwinter them. Watch this video for tips on overwintering your containers.
    ● Other Tips
    ○ Make sure you follow our tips on planting and care to help your hydrangeas thrive. If you ever have any questions, read through our Hydrangea Planting & Care page for all the details..
    ○ Wondering what you can do to help your hydrangea bloom? Watch this video for all the tips!.

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Endless Summer® Hydrangeas