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The Bold Experience Tour

The Bold Experience Tour travels the U.S. and Canada showcasing products from Kohler’s Toileting and Showering collections. It provides a hand-on experience, helping attendees select important fixtures in their new home or remodel.

The KOHLER toilet-equipped section of the trailer simulates the company’s toilet test lab, and gives visitors a behind-the-scenes view of the rigorous quality testing all KOHLER toilets undergo, as well as a hands-on experience of the innovative technologies and forward-thinking designs of Kohler toilets that help keep the bathroom space fresh and clean. The showering area showcases Kohler’s cutting-edge DTV+ and DTV Prompt digital valving platforms, and Kohler’s advanced spray technologies through functioning showerheads and handshowers. It also includes the new Choreograph showering wall and accessory collection, and HydroRail showering column solution. Several of these products have been recent launches and for many professionals and consumers, it is the first time seeing the new products in action.

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